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Round Table: AFC East Threat?

The Patriots and the Dolphins have both started 3-0.  How much of a threat are the Dolphins to block the Pats from their 5th straight AFC East crown?

Raj:  Any team in your division can start 1-0 and it's not a problem. But after 3 weeks, if your team and another team in your division are still undefeated, then it becomes a problem. Right now, there is no doubt the Dolphins are a threat. However, until we see New England and Miami go at it, we cannot determine how big of a threat the Dolphins are. What is true though, is the fact that this Dolphins team is not one to be taken lightly.

Derek:  Looking at the Dolphin's schedule, they have tough games remaining against the Saints, Ravens, Bengals, and Patriots x 2.  Other than that, it's not too hard of a road for them the rest of the way.  If they just took care of business, they would end up at 11-5.  The Patriots have the Falcons, Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Texans, Broncos, and Miami x2. 

Big difference. 

Sweeping the Dolphins would be a huge help for the Patriots in claiming the division crown.  If they split, then they will really need to play some good football to avoid being overtaken. 

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