Round Table: AFC Outsiders

It seems like there are two solid teams at the top of each AFC division:  New England/Miami, Baltimore/Cincinnati, Indianapolis/Houston, and Denver/Kansas City.  Three weeks into the season, which two teams do you predict will be on the outside looking in come January?

Derek:  I'm predicting that New England, Cincinnati, Denver, and Indianapolis will each win their division.  I'm giving the Wild Card spots to Miami and Kansas City.  I haven't been sold on Houston's play so far this season, and both the Texans and the Ravens have the tougher road ahead based on their first place finishes last year.   

Jason:  In spite of their impressive win last week, the Colts figure to be watching the playoffs from home. They had a great record in close game last year, which is often a good indicator of a team that could struggle the following season (just ask the Vikings). I think that last Wild Card will be a real barn-burner between the remaining two teams. I like the Bengals a bit better, so that would leave the Chiefs on the outside looking in.

Raj:    I seriously believe Baltimore and Miami will be on the outside looking in. There is no questioning their roster strength this year. It's terrific and so far they're making a statement. I'm just not sold on the idea that they can keep that up consistently. Baltimore still has on overrated offense and a shaky defense. Miami's offseason acquisitions have everyone thinking they'll go far but it won't help in the long run this season. I doubt that the two will have an under .500 record but even then, they'll be fighting for a playoff spot rather than having a spot clinched weeks prior.

Derek Hanson

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