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Round Table: Blame the Phins?

How much blame do you put on the Dolphins organization for the Richie Incognito fiasco, or is this a scenario involving a rogue player similar to the Aaron Hernandez situation in New England?

Jason:  It's hard to blame the Pats for the Hernandez situation considering all of his nefarious activities took place away from the team. Incognito was being a racist, abusive asshole toward a teammate who played on the same offensive line. It's tough not to notice that. Most of the blame should be pinned on the dickbag himself, but the team deserves a smaller amount of criticism for employing a dickbag and potentially turning a blind eye to his antics.

Rick:  There should be a lot of blame on the Dolphins organization for this. While the traveling circus has gone from AFC East team to AFC team, Miami had no control of this situation. This falls on the head coach and the general manager who let's keep in mind asked Dez Bryant in a draft interview if his mother was a prostitute. The fact that they asked Incognito to try to toughen up Jonathan Martin and made Incognito the head of the leadership council is ridiculous. I am also appalled that hardly any players have come to Martin's defense. 

This isn't just bullying, its harassment. The NFL locker room is supposed to be about people coming together as a team, not extorting players you play with in the huddle for cash. The fact that Cameron Wake, Mike Wallace, and those players called Incognito an "honorary black" person according to sources and still stand by him is also ridiculous. Martin did the right thing by walking out because he had no other option. If he fights him, I think its like any other bully where the person who sticks up for themselves is the one that gets in trouble. This isn't just on Incognito, but on the entire Dolphins organization. 
Raj:   I put a lot of blame on them. That organization is messed up on so many levels, it's not even debatable. The Dolphins coaching staff has allegedly taken part of the Martin hazing (they told Incognito to "toughen up" Martin). I'm not sure how it is for the other players but they've probably also taken part in this fiasco. While Incognito might be the catalyst/scapegoat, don't be blind of the fact that the Miami Dolphins organization has something to do with this.

Derek: I am more than happy to pile on the Dolphins here.  As Jason mentioned, it's hard for the Patriots to police what players do in their homes and who they hang out with in the off-season.  While you can speculate whether New England was wise to offer Hernandez a contract extension, they are in no way culpable for his alleged criminal acts.  Incognito's harrassment of a teammate happened right under the organization's nose and rumors are swirling that the coaching staff may have even encouraged Incognito to "toughen up" Jonanthan Martin.  It's hard to know exactly to what extend you can blame the team for what transpired, but the Dolphins organization is far from "not guilty".

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