Round Table: Blaming McDaniels

How much blame does Josh McDaniels shoulder for the Patriots' lackluster play on offense this season?

Raj:  He deserves a lot of blame. I've noticed the decline in big plays and passes from Brady after Bill O'Brien left for Penn State. But McDaniels had this position before. It's nothing new to him. In fact, why can't he try out some of those plays from the 07 season? In my opinion, I don't think he's sold on the rookies yet and in addition, I feel like he is ruining Brady's performance week-by-week.

Jason: I don't think he deserves much blame at all. Given what he's had to work with this year, he's done an adequate job. You can't give a chef some shit and crackers and expect him to make a good meatloaf. Gronk had two misses that could have been TDs on Sunday, and there were plenty of yards left on the field by the other players. The offense had opportunities to put up 30+ on a good defense. That should be worth something.

Derek: I would put the majority of blame on the players and their inability to execute, not on Josh McDaniels.  I don't think you can pin the myriad of drops by Dobson and Thompkins on him.  I also don't hold him responsible for the injuries to Gronkowski or Amendola.  I do think there have been some situations that could have been handled better, such as the decision to go with 2/3rds passing plays and only 1/3rd running plays last Sunday.  The ground game seemed to be working, while Brady was having all sorts of problems, and a little more commitment to the run may have helped the Patriots' cause.  All in all, though, I can't say that the Patriots have been unsound from an X's and O's perspective.  If there's one big area where he may shoulder some blame for the offensive woes, it is if he was integral in the decisions to let go of Welker and Woodhead.  I think those decisions, however, were made at a higher pay grade.  

Derek Hanson

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