Round Table: Bronco-hating

Will the Broncos come crashing down to earth when the weather turns or will they steam roll their way through the AFC?

Jason: I think we'll see them slow down, but they are still the team to beat in the AFC. So far, they have faced three of the worst defenses in the league in Philly, the Giants and the Raiders. The Cowboys and Ravens aren't much better than average on defense. When the weather gets colder, the ball gets harder and slicker, and defenses will have more tape to review. That's not a recipe for sustained success for an offense.

Raj: I highly doubt it. That team makes me speechless. Weather or not (ha, see what I did there?), this team really won't be stopped this season. So I think the AFC is pretty much theirs unless Kansas City has something to say about that.

Derek: When I look at the Denver Broncos, I feel like I'm looking at the Patriots of the past three years.  Sure, they can blow you out in a track meet, but in January what's going to happen when a good defense heads into Denver and the points don't come so easily?  Will their defense be able to step it up?  Judging by last week's shoot-out in Dallas, it's a very legitimate question.  And even if they do make it through the AFC, there's still the fact that the Super Bowl may be played in a snow storm this year.  

Derek Hanson

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