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Round Table: Cut Vince?

What's your take on the Vince Wilfork situation?  Should the Patriots pay him or cut him?

Rick:  This is a very difficult situation for the Patriots because Vince Wilfork has been one of the defensive leaders on the team for many years. However, he is getting up their age and you don’t know productive he will be in his first season back after a torn achilles. I think he will most likely leave because he thinks there is a market out there for him. It’s tough to ask him to re-structure his deal, since the Patriots didn’t do much in free agency after Brady’s deal was re-structured last season. Wilfork, I am sure, has kept his eye on that. I think they will cut him, but there has to be a small side of hope that the two sides can work something out. Otherwise, look for the Pats to target defensive line in May’s NFL Draft. 

Kyle: I'd cut him. Save the cap money. Draft a bull. Keep developing Seaver Silinga (After you stop laughing, watch the Pats two playoff games again. He was actually pretty good. The more he played., the less Vellano played- another bonus.) If Vince was objective, he would restructure. He can work a deal where he gets three years- and a little more than than the 7.5 million he's due this season.  Vince, and Mrs. Vince, are completely misreading the market. How much is a rather rotund player coming off of a ruptured Achilles going to command beyond a one-year flyer from a team who wants to sign a name? Not more than he would essentially get in a restructure with the Patriots.

Derek: A week ago, I was firmly in the "cut him" camp.  There's no guarantee that Vince will be back to his old self after his injury and I felt that money could be better spent to shore up some of the other big needs on the team.  However, after seeing the first week of free-agency play out, the Patriots may want to think twice about letting Wilfork go.  They still have enough cap space to sign their rookies.  If they want to pick up another player or two in free agency, it will likely be for smaller sums and they can create money by restructuring other players like McCourty or Mankins, or cutting players like Adrian Wilson.  For me, the bottom line is that while Vince certainly doesn't present good "value" at his current rate, I don't think that cutting him will make the Patriots better in 2014 and won't significantly affect their cap moving forward.  At this point, it might be worth rewarding him for his tremendous career, gaining some good will, and fielding the best defensive line this team possibly can.  

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