Round Table: First Loss

Predict the future:  When do the undefeated Patriots lose their first game of the season?

Raj:It's hard to say considering Tom Brady is finding ways to win with no-name receivers. I can't see them losing to Cincinnati. You could make the case for New Orleans but since the game is at Foxboro, I think the Patriots have it under control. If they keep up the good work, they might not lose a game until 11/24, when Wes and the Broncos are in town. If Denver keeps up what they're doing right now, I think the Pats might lose a game there, but, hey, not having lost until that point is pretty good!

Jason: Against New Orleans. Drew Brees is always going to put up ridiculous stats and get points on the scoreboard. But the big difference is their defense this year. I won't be surprised if the Saints are playing in February.

Derek: I feel like I'm just asking for fate to come and lay the smack down on my team today for even posting this question.  Shame on me…

New Orleans and Denver are obviously the biggest two challenges on the schedule.  Thankfully, both are home games.  Other than that, it's today's Cincy game, two Miami games, and at Baltimore that could be other tough matchups.  Honestly, though, I'd take the Patriots in those four games.  So for me, it boils down to whether or not they can take Drew Brees and Peyton Manning at home… 

So in that case, I say the Patriots will lose to…


…on the road in 2014!    19-0 baby!

*** Edit – I really was asking to fall flat on my face with this whole question/answer, wasn't I?  Just awful…  Throw the pink penalty flag on me for this one.

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