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Round Table: Gronk Drama

What is your take on the Gronkowski drama?  Is there some internal conflict regarding his return or is this just the media looking to create a story?

Jason:  While the obvious first impression might be this is a fishing expedition for the media, hearing glowing reports from practice and then seeing Gronk in blue jeans on gameday is going to create problems for any locker room. The guy signed a lucrative deal in the offseason, so it's only natural for his camp to protect that investment. That's in direct conflict with the team's goals, and it sure won't earn a whole lot of respect from his teammates. 

Raj:  It's getting ridiculous. Honestly I think he's fine. I'm not sure whether if it is an internal conflict or not but, I think something is definitely up. I don't believe the media has anything to do with it but, I certainly think the Patriots are scheming. Maybe they're delaying him for when they play Denver. 

Derek:  I definitely think the media was doing some baiting and spinning on this story to create some drama. However, I'm sure there are players, just like us fans, who are longing to see Gronkowski back on the field.  There's little doubt in my mind that his presence would have turned the tide in Cincinnati and we could be looking at a 6-0 start if he had played two weeks ago.  That being said, you have to look no further than the sideline, where Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork will be spending the rest of the season, to put some context on the situation.  With those guys out, part of me is suddnely very grateful that Gronk has taken the cautious approach.  Just like Talib and Brady, the Gronkster is a player that this team can just not afford to lose if they are going to make a legit post-season run to New York.  The Patriots a 5-1 with two of their three hardest games out of the way.  Not having Gronk these past six weeks won't have affected their ability to earn the AFC's top seed.  Losing him to injury most certainly will.  

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