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Round Table: Keeping Quiet

Should Belichick have just kept quiet and not brought up the Welker/Talib hit in his Monday press conference?

Rick:  Yes, Belichick should have just kept quiet because I don’t think his comments at the press conference were solely about the hit by Welker. If the player that hit Talib was Eric Decker, I don’t think he make those comments. Due to the fact that it’s Welker, he had to talk because the decision to let him go hasn’t helped them to this point. Yes, Bill was probably grandstanding to stick up for his player who they are trying to lock up to a contract extension. Personally, I thought the hit was legal, so I had no issue with the play and clearly, the NFL doesn’t either. 

Raj:  No because for the 2nd straight AFC championship, the Patriots were without Talib. Last year they didn't have a valid excuse as to why he was out. Now they did and Belichick made it clear what his opinions were. I'm very glad he brought it up, and in no way was that whining.

Jason:  Bill absolutely should have kept his mouth shut. It was a disappointing outcome to finish the game without yet another stud defender, and the results showed on the field with every long drive and frustrating third down conversion. More than anything, it came across as sour grapes to me.

Derek:  When he first made the comments, my initial take was, "Good job."  The Pats had any legitimate chance of winning that game taken from them because Welker made an illegal pick on Talib.  Belichick was standing up for this team, who had been dealt bad hands and screwed over at seemingly every turn.  He wasn't about to let anyone think they were outclassed on Sunday.  Denver took out their best defensive player, just like the refs took away home field from them with the awful calls in New York and Carolina. I was glad he chose not to be silent and showed some fight for this team.

Then, I remembered that the media hates Belichick, as do 90% of the people out there who support the teams the Patriots beat on a regular basis.  This was just fodder for them to twist around and trash him for.   So with that in mind, he should have just kept his mouth shut.  The people who truly matter, Patriots fans, all know the real deal.  The haters aren't going to listen to logic anyway.



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