Round Table: McCourty at Safety

After some struggles early on, Devin McCourty came up with two huge turnovers last week against Buffalo.  Do you think the Patriots should keep him primarily at cornerback, or keep him at the safety position.

Stephen: Devin McCourty's position hinges on two other key defensive backs: Aqib Talib and Pat Chung. If Talib is able to fill that No. 1 corner spot and play at a high level, then the Pats can probably afford to keep DMC at safety and leave Alfonzo Dennard/Kyle Arrington to fill the No. 2 spot. However, the biggest key will be the healthy/effectiveness of Chung when he returns. He's been a big disappointment, and unless he turns things around the Pats should roll with a safety combo of McCourty and Tavon Wilson/Steve Gregory.

Raj: After a lot of uncertainty and lack of trust in Devin McCourty from Patriots fans, one big play shouldn't influence his role in the Pats' secondary. The interception against the Bills saved the game for the Patriots but I still think he should be at the safety position. I feel that his reflexes have been a bit sub par this season but he can still play! I say start him at safety and see what happens.

Derek: Assuming that Aquib Talib can perform at a serviceable level, I think the Patriots are better off with McCourty at safety.  Arrington, Denard, Chung, Gregory, and Wilson have all proved on numerous occasions that they are going to make mistakes and give up yards.  The key for the Patriots is making sure that those mistakes don't lead to dagger-through-the-heart-type plays like we saw in Seattle.  McCourty, while no means perfect himself this year, is probably the most reliable defensive back on the team.  If Talib performs well, then I feel much more comfortable forcing the opposing defense to make three twenty-yard gains with McCourty at safety, instead of opening up the possibility for them to make one big sixty-yard gain with him at corner.

Derek Hanson

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