Round Table: Offense or Defense?

Who deserves more credit for last week's win?  The Patriots defense for shutting down Jimmy Graham or the offense for executing the miraculous game-winning drive?

Jason: The defense deserves all of the credit, hands down. It wasn't just the fact that they shut down Graham. They were put in two different tough situations where giving up a first down would have been game over, and they held firm against one of the league's elite offenses. That is no small task.

Raj: This is really tough because the absence either scenario might arguably make the Patriots 4-2 right now. If Brady didn't show some magic at the end, then the Pats would be 4-2. But I'm gonna give the credit to the Patriots defense, primarily Aqib Talib, for covering and shutting down Jimmy Graham. If he played like how fans expected him to play, then the score would be very much in New Orleans' favor. The fact that the defense shut him down allowed the Patriots to be in the game, even though they were still down by 4. But hey, being down by 4 and being down by 20 makes big difference. So, props to Brady for an unreal drive but kudos to the defense for giving him the opportunity.

Derek: Clearly, both squads deserve credit and played well.  Probably the most impressive feat on Sunday was the defense's ability to contain Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham over the course of 60 minutes.  However, the defense still gave up 27 points, which is a decent chunk, while the Patriots offene finally came alive and hung 30 up.  In the end, it was the defense who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by allowing that ridiculous touchdown completion on 3rd and 20 to put New Orleans up by one.  It was the offense who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with that classic final drive. With all due respect to the defense, who did get the offense the ball three times in two and a half minutes, I'll tip my cap and give the offense the final credit for Sunday's incredible win.

Derek Hanson

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