Round Table: Offensive Collapse

How concerned are you with the Patriots offense following the loss to the Bengals?

Raj: After the game I was pretty concerned of two things relating to the offense. The lack of possession and the rain played a factor, but that shouldn't automatically result in never getting first downs. That's a problem the Pats have to fix it they want to beat New Orleans next week. The other thing is, I'm concerned about Brady's confidence. He just had a long streak come to an end. That hurts but I hope it doesn't hurt him enough to make him look bad on the field. Watching Brady all these years though, you'd probably expect he has moved on.

Jason: You'd have to be blind to not be a little bit concerned. But the Pats were also facing what I consider to be the best defensive line in football, on the road, without their best red zone threat, without their top two running backs, with their best receiver just back from injury, and had to finish in the middle of a monsoon. I won't enter full panic mode until they are putting up south of 20 when everyone is healthier in early December.

Derek: There's no getting around it.  Last Sunday was about as ugly as they've come for the Patriots on offense.  However, Jason's point is spot-on.  The Bengals' D-line is probably the best in the NFL and good defensive lines have a habit of causing some of Tom Brady's worst days.  The Saints defense is certainly good, but my bigger concern this Sunday is how the Patriots' own defensive line with hold up without Wilfork or Kelly.

Derek Hanson

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