Round Table: Playoff Prognostication

Finish this sentence:  If the Patriots don't make it to Super Bowl XLVII, it will be because…

Stephen: …Peyton Manning steals the show. The only thing between Brady and Belichick's sixth Super Bowl berth is the best QB of all time. Manning is playing some of the best football of his career and has plenty of experience against the Pats. He's the one guy who could spoil New England's Super Bowl hopes.

Jason: …they didn't execute on offense. The defense is improving to the point that they can make a few big plays and keep opposing teams out of the end zone with some consistency. If Brady and the offense are in synch, it would take an epic defensive collapse for them to lose.

Raj: …the secondary and offensive line decided to take the day off.

Derek: …they turned the ball over multiple times.  With an even number of possessions, I have a hard time believing that the Texans, Ravens, or Broncos offense will be able to keep pace with the Patriots.  However, if the Pats give the ball away repeatedly then all bets are off.  Bad turnovers did the Patriots in their playoff defeats to the Jets and Ravens, as well as their two most recent Super Bowls.  The Patriots don't have to play mistake-free, but they absolutely need to hold onto the football to make it to New Orleans.

Derek Hanson

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