Round Table: Pro Bowl Snubs

If any player on the Patriots roster could be considered a Pro Bowl snub, who would it be?

Jason:  I think you could make a very good argument that TE Rob Gronkowski was a snub. Zach Miller was selected as the backup TE, but Gronkowski scored twice as many TDs and had a higher average yards per catch. Miller had 18 more catches and 139 more yards, but in my book, the 10-5 TD edge should have given the edge to Gronk. On the plus side, his youth and continued development with one of the league’s elite QBs makes it likely that he’ll be taking the trip to Hawaii sooner or later.

Stephen:  Without a doubt, if one Patriots player should have made the Pro Bowl it should have been Rob Gronkowski. Despite slipping to the second round of the draft due to injury concerns, he emerged as the team’s best red-zone threat, catching 10 touchdowns. He really turned it on in the second half of the season and was one of the team’s top options down the stretch. He also was a very good run blocker, something that is hard to find in a tight end in this era.

My Pro Bowl snub would be BenJarvus Green-Ellis. When Fred Taylor and Kevin Faulk got hurt early in the year, no one thought New England would have any resemblance of a running game. Then, The Law Firm stepped into his office. He had over 1,000 yards this season and was one of the best in terms of rushing touchdowns in the NFL this year.

Derek:  I first heard that the Patriots had six players named to the Pro Bowl before I knew their identities.  I tried to guess them and came up with Brady, Wilfork, Mayo, McCourty, Mankins, and…  Gronkowski.  The rookie tight end was a touchdown machine and seemed to get better and better as the weeks went by. Other Patriots on the bubble were Wes Welker (eventually named an alternate) and the Law Firm.  However, looking at their respective positions, it’s hard to make a case that they deserve to be in the Pro Bowl over the other selections.

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