Round Table: QB at #28

How would you react if the Patriots selected a quarterback with the #28 pick?

Jason:  I would probably react by throwing my laptop through the TV. OK, maybe I like my TV a bit too much to do that, but I would not be pleased. I worry about Locker’s accuracy (his completion percentage in college was less than 54 percent). The Patriots made Tom Brady the highest-paid QB in the league last year, so paying another QB first-round money to hold a clipboard would be a waste of resources. Maybe my TV isn’t so safe after all.

Derek:  I know I’m going to sound like a total brainwashed homer for saying this, but if Bill Belichick picked a quarterback at #28, then I’d be completely ok with it.  Would I scratch my head and wonder what the thought process was there?  Absolutely.  To me, it would make almost no sense to spend a pick on a quarterback when Brady has at least 4-5 good years left and the Pats have a good backup they can trust in Brian Hoyer.  However, I’m the same moron who wanted Dez Bryant and Sergio Kindle last year and couldn’t understand the Devin McCourty pick.  I’ll leave the drafting to Belichick and just do my job of cheering the team on.  If Belichick goes QB at #28, I’m sure there would be a good reason for it.

Stephen:  Absolute horror, hatred and disgust. We just signed Brady to a new contract last season, the defense has tons of needs and the offensive line could be a potential mess. I wouldn’t want the Pats to spend any higher than a fifth-round pick on a developmental, backup QB let alone a first rounder. The first few picks need to be an outside linebacker, offensive lineman, running back and/or defensive end. Any use of a first-round pick on a QB would be ridiculous.

Rick:  I think in the next two or three years, the Patriots will have to address the QB of the future issue, but this is not the draft to do that. There is no sure fire can’t miss QB where New England is picking. Jake Locker does not speaking franchise changing QB to me because of his poor accuracy and Ryan Mallett is too much of a headcase and chokes in big games, which takes away from his awesome arm strength. The reason the Patriots have had them into the facility should be to drive the other teams crazy and get a better trade for value picks on Day 2 or picks in next year’s NFL Draft.

Derek Hanson

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