Round Table: Randy Moss Returning

Do you think it’s a realistic possibility that Randy Moss re-signs with the Pats, and if so, how would you feel?

Jason:  I think the chances of Moss ending up in New England next year are very slim. There are very few WRs on the current roster that project to be here in 2-3 years, so this season will be important to get young players on the field and see what they can do. I also think there is a very wide gap between what Moss thinks he is worth and what the Patriots think he is worth to their organization. They didn’t trade him because they covet fourth-round picks.

Stephen:  I think the chances of Moss re-signing with the Pats are less than 20 percent. While Randy definitely gave the Patriots a lot of good memories and production from 2007-2009,there is still a bitter taste left for how he finished his career in New England. This team seems to be reforming into the early dynasty years where it is “team first” and Moss simplydid nothing to show that that is his priority last year. There has to be a reason he didn’t cut it with the Pats, Vikings and Titans and barely saw the field by the end of the year.  No one can deny his talent or his potential contributions to this team, but at this point, it’s time to move on from Moss and either draft a big-bodied downfield threat or let the young guyslike Brandon Tate and Taylor Price show us what they can do.

Derek:  I think it’s a big mistake for the Patriots if they don’t add a receiver who can stretch the field a bit.  Branch, Welker, and Edelman all have similar games, and Tate and Price have yet to show us anything substantial in the passing game.  All it takes is one injury to Welker or Branch and this team’s Super Bowl chances take a big hit.  The Pats need a little more proven depth, and it would be good for that player to have a different skill set than what’s currently on the roster and bring some speed and the ability to catch the long ball.  Moss fits that description and if he comes back humble and willing to play on a small-ish one year deal, I can’t see how it hurts to have somebody who’s already familiar with the system.   Other WR’s like Steve Smith or Larry Fitzgerald will come at a price, if they are even available.  In that case its’ a no-risk, all-reward type of scenario for New England.  I can’t imagine Moss having any big-money suitors after a three-team stint in 2010, so he’ll be deciding between retiring or taking a paycut this next year.  If that’s the case, why not consider coming back to New England?   I think Belichick would be foolish to completely dismiss Moss’s return if he was willing to come back on the cheap.  Why not give him another shot and see how it plays out?
Derek Hanson

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