Round Table: Randy Moss to the Jets

How concerned would you be if Randy Moss signed with the Jets this off-season?

Rick: Living in New York City, I would love for the Jets to go after Randy Moss. For one, it means one of the players Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards will not be back next year. Maybe, they would come at a cheap price to New England out of spite. Moss would be the one cancer that ruins this team and halts the development of young Mark Sanchez. If Brady can’t handle him, who can? Maybe he will pull a Minnesota and intentionally not go after a TD, then say he wants Belichick back. He’s done!


Stephen: I wouldn’t be very concerned if the Jets signed Moss. I don’t think it’s feasible considering starters Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are free agents and have more value than Moss. Also, Moss has clearly regressed as a player, his once elite speed is not there and he isn’t a dynamic route runner. I’d fear Holmes moreso than Moss at this stage of their careers.

Derek: Randy Moss could very well be the lit match that causes the Jets powder keg to expload.  Bring. It. On.  I honestly believe that there is only one place that Moss could have any sort of redemptive success, and that’s New England.  The Patriots are the only team with an elite quarterback and a coach that can bring the best out of him.  While Rex Ryan and Moss might click, I don’t see Sanchez bringing out the best in him.  I don’t see Randy deferring to the coach in Indianapolis or San Diego.  Unfortunately for Moss, I think his chances of making a return to New England are slim. 

Jason: On a scale of 1-10, my level of concern would be about .4. I think Randy’s Hall-of-Fame career is effectively over. Most of Moss’s value has been derived from his ability to get behind defenders, run smart routes and go up for the deep ball. He clearly lost a step last season, and that has had a domino effect on the rest of his game. He is not the receiver he was in 2007. If he goes to any team, I kinda hope he goes to the Jets so he can create even more chaos on a team that already has far too many character issues

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