Round Table: Record Prediction

With eight games down and eight to go, what is your prediction for the Patriots regular season record?

Raj: Honestly, I can see them going 6-2 from this point on, giving them a 12-4 record on the year. I truly believe they can beat Denver at home because now everyone has exploited the Broncos' defense. Although I think the Pats might get a bit lazy towards the end so I won't be surprised if they lose games in Miami and Baltimore. It will definitely be an interesting finish though!

Jason: I've always thought that going game by game is a futile exercise. Injuries, weird outcomes because of turnovers and fluky plays, bogus unsportsmanlike conduct calls on overtime field goals and other luck can swing the outcome of any contest in the NFL. There's just not much separating the decent teams from the above-average teams. In a previous roundtable, I said the Pats would likely get 11-12 wins. I'm sticking by that prediction. And given the injuries they've suffered so far, give me the lower number at 11-5. 

Derek: I'll concede the game to Denver at this point, but that's it.  13-3 and the #2 seed is where this team should finish if they take care of business each week.  Carolina, Baltimore, Miami…  There's no reason those games can't be wins.

Derek Hanson

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