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Round Table: Seeding

With two games to go, and the possibility of being seeded anywhere from 1-6, where do the Patriots ultimately end up after the next two games? 

Jason: The two seed makes the most sense. Denver shouldn't be challenged much in their final two games, and Cincy faces a tough closing schedule with the potential for losing the division if they don't take care of business this weekend. That game against the Bills is a nice insurance policy for a first round bye.

Raj:  I think they'll end up 2nd. Yeah there's been struggles. But I still think a bye is possible. I give Denver the first seed because it can't see them losing again. The Patriots can but will not go on a free fall. They will probably fix their plethora of issues and smack the Ravens in their stadium to win the AFC East. Then, the Patriots will lock up 2nd seed in the AFC by adding to the Bills' misery this season. I am concerned for fair reasons that there's a chance Mew England could go 0-2, but that is very unlikely.

Derek: Seeds #1, 4, 5, and 6 all require major upsets to occur and/or the Patriots losing out.  That leaves us with the #2 or #3 seed as the most likely outcome.  You have to believe New England will take care of Buffalo in Week 17, so the question really boils down to whether or not you think the Patriots will beat the Ravens on Sunday.  I think that the public opinion is leaning towards the Ravens as Baltimore is coming on strong down the stretch and the Pats looked shakey without Gronk last week.  I'll admit, this matchup makes me a bit nervous, but that may be a good thing.  You know what other games I was nervous for?  Atlanta (albeit illegitimately), New Orleans, and Denver.  I fully expected the Patriots to beat the Bengals, Panthers, Jets, and Dolphins and we saw how that turned out.  This team has a knack for rising to the occassion in big moments.  This is a big moment on Sunday.  I say the Patriots get things done and claim that #2 seed and the bye week that comes with it.

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