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Round Table: Tomlin Punishment

Having been there ourselves with "Spygate", should the Steelers be penalized draft picks for Mike Tomlin interfering during last Thursday's game?

Jason:  I thought the draft pick penalty was excessive in Spygate then, and so logic dictates that it would be even more excessive in this case. The powers that be wanted to make an example of the Pats for what I assume were multiple violations of the rules, while Tomlin's little trick appears to be a dumb one-time move. I think the more likely scenario is that Tomlin faces a six-figure fine and maybe a short-term suspension. With that said, if they can go back to previous games and see that it might be a pattern of abuse? Then throw the book at them.

Raj:  This is ridiculous. The NFL really disappoints me with this. All Tomlin did was the Stanky Leg, that too to get out of the way. Even if he wasn't in the way, Jacoby Jones probably would not have scored. Fine, you still want to penalize him? That's okay but don't threaten them with loss of draft picks. That's outrageous.

Derek: The punishment should fit the crime.  In this case, if you penalize with the loss of a draft pick, you're punishing the entire organization for the act of one person.  I think that steps beyond the boundaries of what is fair, even if that one person is the head coach.  This was not a premeditated act that involved multiple members of the organization like "spygate" or "bountygate".  It was one person not paying attention at best, or making an awful decision in the heat of the moment at worst.  Even in the cases of the Patriots' and Saints' "scandals", I think the loss of draft picks was a bit extreme. Forfeiting picks is certainly not warranted here.  Fine Tomlin or suspend him and be done with it. 

Derek Hanson

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