Round Table: Top Draft Need

What is the position that you'd most like to see the Patriots address in the draft?

Rick: With the Patriots picking towards the end of the first round, I would like to see them go after a tight end. With no Gronkowski and no Hernandez, the Patriots ran most of their offense without a tight end on the field. This draft is deep at the tight end spot with players such as Texas Tech’s Jace Amaro, UNC’s Eric Ebron and Washington’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins that could give Brady another dynamic play-maker to work with. Another spot would be defensive line since the Patriots’ front seven had a lot of injuries on it last season. If New England can fix its play in the trenches to a degree, they should be in good shape. 

Jason: If we take a WR or CB, I'm going to put my remote through the back of my flatscreen. I'd love to see the Pats focus on the defensive line, particularly if they can find a three-down DT. Big Vince will be a free agent after the 2014 season, and Tommy Kelly isn't likely to return after his ACL injury since New England can save at least $1.5-2 million by cutting him. Given the tough road to recovery that Wilfork faces, there isn't a single position on the roster that demands as much attention as the interior defensive line.

Raj:  I really think they should consider drafting a longterm QB. Ryan Mallett isn't a terrible QB but he just simply doesn't fit in the Patriots roster. He has a lot of trade value and can be useful for other teams. If the Patriots can trade him for some draft picks, look for them to draft a QB who can success Brady. After all, Brady only has a few quality years left, so now is the perfect time to look for a longterm successor. 

Derek: Part of me agrees with Rick, that the Patriots need a dynamic tight end to pick up the slack during Gronk's inevitable absence to start the season next year.  However, this is supposedly a deep tight end draft and the Pats don't necessarily need to blow their first-rounder on a tight end.  After all, Gronk and Hernandez were 2nd and 4th rounders respectively.  At the top of the draft board, the Pats can't go wrong grabbing a defensive lineman who can help anchor this team's defense for years to come.  The Pats already have a young defense, and adding another stud to the young core of Chandler Jones, Dante Hightower, Devin McCourty, and Alphonzo Dennard will put the Patriots in a good place long-term.

Derek Hanson

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