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Round Table: Troy Brown’s Legacy

#1 – With Troy Brown being inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame this weekend, where would you rank him among receivers in Patriots' history?

Stephen:  Based on his longevity and contributions on special teams, I'd firmly place Troy Brown in the No. 4 slot among the all-time Patriot wide receivers, behind Randy Moss, Stanley Morgan and Wes Welker. Brown never dominated statistically like those three, but he contributed in other ways and was an integral part of three Super Bowl teams. No one should forget his performance as a cornerback, either. He was a true team player and a reliable target in Brady's early years.

Jason: It would be very difficult to rank Brown outside the top 5 in terms of overall production for the team. I'd rank him at #4, just below Stanley Morgan and Irving Fryer (both of whom I only have brief, fuzzy memories of during my childhood), as well as Welker. I'd give him the edge over Moss, Branch and Terry Glenn based not necessarily on talent, but rather on longevity and value to the team.

Ricky: As far as Troy Brown goes, he is the best Patriot wide receiver of all time. Yes, Randy Moss had that one great season in 2007, but Brown exemplified what being a Patriot is all about. He did a little bit of everything, whether it was making a big third down reception late in a game, returning a punt for a TD in the 2001 AFC Championship Game, or playing defense when called to action. The one moment that sticks out to me with Brown was saving the 2006 season when he stripped Marlon McRee on that interception in San Diego to keep the game going. That shows making the right play at the right time!

Derek: I found myself flipping back and forth on this question all week.  On paper, guys like Morgan and Welker have to get the nod above Troy Brown.   There is also no denying the fact that Randy Moss was a super nova when he first arrived and put together one of the greatest seasons in the history of the entire league, not just the Patriots.  As short-lived as it was, Troy Brown never entered the same stratosphere as Moss in 2007. 

Still, Troy Brown was a special, special player, who worked his tail off, played on special teams, and as we all know, even defense.  Rick mentioned his critical plays in the 2001 and 2006 playoffs.  He was the consummate Patriot and represented everything this team was about during its peak glory years.  None of those other three that I mentioned can hold a candle to him in that regard.

So I'm going to end this by copping out.  Troy Brown is the 4th best wide receiver in Patriots history.  At the same time, he stands neck and neck with Tedy Bruschi as the 2nd greatest Patriots player of all time, behind Tom Brady.  He may be fourth on the stat sheet, but he's first in our hearts.  After today, Troy Brown will clearly be the greatest player enshrined in the Patriots Hall of Fame. 

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