Round Table: Vereen’s Return

With the return of Shane Vereen on the horizon, can this Patriots offense start putting up 30+ points routinely again?

Raj: There's a very good chance. Vereen will definitely contribute to the Patriots scoreboard. But know this, even his presence of the field will serve as a motivation booster for the Patriots. Even if he does nothing, as long as he's on the field, I think the Patriots will be confident enough to put up 30+ points from now on out.

Jason:  I may be in the minority, but I don't think all that much of Vereen. That's not to say he is a slouch, but his pass-catching prowess is the only thing that separates him from a league-average RB. He adds a slightly new dimension to the offense, but the reemergence of Ridley and the return of Amendola and Gronk have done infinitely more for the offense than Vereen. I think it's expecting a lot to score 30+ on a regular basis, but at least we shouldn't have to endure any more 10-point outputs.

Derek: This may be a result of me reading too much into one good game against the Steelers, but I do think the Patriots offense finally has the weapons it needs to perform at a high level with the return of Vereen.  Looking back to last season's offense, you have Gronk filling his role, Amendola and Edelman performing similar roles to Welker and Hernandez.  Ridley is your power back, while Vereen will play the Woodhead passing back role.  In addition, Aaron Dobson is showing flashes and could be the vertical passing threat that the 2012 Patriots never had.  So yes, with the return of Vereen, the Patriots now have the full array of offensive players to put up the type of points we've seen the past two seasons. 30+ may start becoming the rule instead of the exception. 

Derek Hanson

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