Schedule Breakdown: Games 9-12

Continuing on with our look at the Patriots 2012 schedule and predictions, here is my take on Games 9-12 of the season…


Week 10:  vs. Buffalo Bills

In the handful of years where the Bills have come out to a hot start, this is generally around the time when they fall right off the cliff.  The Bills are really going to have to show me something before I pick them to win on the road in New England, something they have failed to do since November 5th, 2000.

Record: 8-1


Week 11: vs. Indianapolis Colts

Brady vs. Luck I.  I expect a much improved effort from the Colts this year, but I just can't see them toppling a team like New England, on the road to boot.   As for the whispers I've been hearing about whether the Patriots would consider trading Brady for Luck (purely a hypothetical argument to spark debate), I have to lean firmly on the "keep Brady" side.  I see the argument for Luck's longevity compared to Brady's, but sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot.  These next 3-4 years are the Patriots time to make a run, and you don't trade that for a "maybe".

Record: 9-1


Week 12: @ New York Jets

Odds that Tim Tebow will have started at least one game by this point in the season?  95%

Odds that Tim Tebow will be starting this game?  65%

Odds that Rex Ryan will scream profanities from the sidelines while sweating butter?  101%.

Record: 10-1


Week 13: @ Miami Dolphins

I don't like this.  I do not like this.  Miami has a penchant for sucking it up all season and then tripping up a streaking Patriots team late in the season.

Just not this year.

Record: 11-1

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