Stay Classy, Rex

So the Jets are going to lead the league in wins, eh?  Well, they can have fun with that, because leading the league in wins means nothing.  Winning is all well and good (after all, I still have lots of fond memories of the Pats' 18-1 season), but that's never the goal.  Ask the Indianapolis Colts how they felt about leading the league in wins last season.  What matters is winning the Super Bowl.

And Rex, way to show some class on television!  I don't know what goes on behind closed doors in the Patriots' locker room, but I can guarantee you that Belichick wouldn't be swearing like a sailor with the cameras rolling.  It's about representing yourself with a shred of dignity.  It's about just plain old human decency.  And with that in mind, do us all a favor and please start wearing a bra.  There was more bouncing around in that two minute clip of Hard Knocks than an hour long episode of Baywatch…

Derek Hanson

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