Tennes-See Ya, Randy!

Well, so much for that excitement!  

The Tennessee Titans claimed Randy Moss off waivers again, preventing a possible return of the volatile reciever to the Patriots.  I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed that there would be no reunion with Moss, if only for the hilarity of Bill Belichick fleecing Brad Childress of a 3rd round pick and ending up getting his player back three games later.  Honestly though, given Randy’s post-game declaration of love, I did wonder if perhaps he had “seen the light” and could perhaps be a model citizen again if he returned.   Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, and an 2-5 record, idiot coach, and  AARP member for a quarterback were probably a glaring wake-up call to exactly how good Mr. Moss had it in Foxboro.  Sadly, we’ll never get to find out how the return of Randy would have played out. That is, unless he’s willing to forgo his last big paycheck and give Mr. Kraft a discount in the off-season.

In some ways though, Randy landing on the Titans is somewhat of a relief.  I really would have hated to see him end up on the Dolphins, Colts, or Jets.  Or even the Raiders since we have their 1st round pick and they’ve already won too many game for my liking this year.  Moss strengthens Tennessee, who still has games against Miami, KC, Indy twice, and Houston twice.  A Titans win in any of those games only helps to strengthen the Patriots’ playoff positioning.  There’s always the off-chance that the Titans could sneak into the playoffs and face the Patriots, but I’ll worry about that when it actually happens.

So happy trails, Randy.  I hope you enjoy the food in Tennessee!

Derek Hanson

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