Top 10 Patriots Plays of 2011

Before we officially embark on the 2012 Patriots season, I felt that it was only right to take one last look at 2011.  It's not every season that your team gets to play in the Super Bowl.  It's not every season your tight end shatters the touchdown reception record.  It's not every season that your team plays inspiring football to honor the legacy of an even more inspiring woman.  When we look back at 2011, it's all too easy to focus on the gut-wrenching pain we experienced at the very end.  However, when all is said and done, 2011 was one of the most special years in the storied history of this franchise.  We should embrace that fact, savor it, and remember the incredible season that was. 


#10 – Julian Edelman's Punt Return TD


#9 – Vince Wilfork's Interception Against Oakland


#8 – Tom Brady's AFC Championship Winning QB Dive


#7 – Aaron Hernandez's Game Winning TD Against Dallas


#6 – Gronkowski's Backflip Touchdown


#5 – Gronkowski's Diving Touchdown


#4 – Wes Welker's 99 Yard Touchdown Reception


#3 – Rob Gronkowski Says "Get Off Me!"


#2 – Vince Wilfork's Interception Against San Diego


#1 – Sterling Moore Saves the Season


And for good measure…


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