Top Plays of 2010: #1 – Connoly’s Kickoff Return

I wanted to pick some other play as the #1 overall selection, simply because Dan Connoly’s kickoff return was the “obvious” choice.  However, after much deliberation, I decided that this pick was the obvious choice for a reason.  No other play managed to nail the “triple threat” that this one did.  First, Connoly’s kickoff return certainly had the “wow factor” that you want from any big play.  As it was happening, you simply couldn’t believe what you were seeing.  Second, it happened to be flat-out hilarious. Third, and most importantly, this play was absolutely crucial in propelling the Patriots to victory over Green Bay.  Up until Connoly’s big run, the Pats had looked fairly anemic.  The record-breaking play for a return by an offensive lineman proved to be just the spark New England needed.  It set up an easy touchdown and shifted momentum back towards the Patriots.  

So that wraps up our nearly three month journey of recapping the best plays of 2010 for the Patriots.  Click the links below to take a trip down memory lane.  It won’t be long before the 2011 incarnation of this team is compiling their own highlight reel!

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