Top Plays of 2010: #10 – Sanders TAINTs Rapistberger

It’s one thing when a quarterback throws an INT. It’s completely understandable that a quarterback trying to hit a relatively small target at a relatively high speed will mis-fire now and then.  However, throwing a TAINT (touchdown after interception) is a completely different story.  There’s nothing more deflating than when an offensive drive ends with the defense pinning six on you.  TAINTs are almost universally a result of a poor decision by the quarterback.  There’s an inherent risk that comes with throwing the ball, but when a TAINT occurs, the QB specifically chose to throw the ball into a situation which had a high chance of disaster. 

With that preface, I bring you the #10 play of the 2010 season: James Sanders TAINTing Ben Roethlisberger.  It may seem weird to have a play that’s technically a bad throw by an opposing QB make the list, but there’s just something ultimately satisfying about humiliating a scumbag like Roethlisberger while icing a big AFC game!

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