Top Plays of 2010: #3 – Zoltan’s Game-Saving Punt

This is, without question, the least sexy play that you’ll find in this Top 12 list.  It’s ranked #3 overall, but I had some serious consideration of putting it at #1.  This play was simply that important and game-altering.  Ultimately, I settled on #3, because I’m pretty sure it was the only play on this list that didn’t get me up out of my seat, hooting and hollering.  Still, Mesko’s 65-yard punt in overtime ended up being the defining play of the Patriots revenge against Baltimore in 2010.  Watch the video closely.  Mesko’s back foot is right up against the 1 yard line as the play begins.  This was a certifiable field position disaster for the Patriots and I was nearly certain that the game was over.  Then Zoltan boomed the snot out of the ball, and suddenly, the Ravens found themselves backed up as the kick finally settled at the 18-yard line.  Other than the Jets romp late in the year, this was my favorite game of 2010.  We owe it all to Mesko’s foot.

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