Tracking the Patriots’ Progress After Day 2

What was the reason for not pinching in $2 mil more though? It's a huge mystery to me. Welker was a dynamic player who was clutch on 3rd downs. On the other hand, the Patriots probably took his age under consideration. At 32 years old by the start of the season, Welker's production will soon see declination. With that being said, was it worth overpaying for him? Possibly, because I think it would have been awesome (largely because Welker is my favorite football player), yet that's not how the Patriots wanted to execute their plan(s). When you thought Welker's departure spelled doom for New England, the Patriots went out and immediately signed former St. Louis Rams WR Danny Amendola for the next 5 years for $31. It's a risky deal considering Amendola gets injured a lot. But he is an extremely talented reliever with great agility. He's also sort of small so the Patriots might need someone like him to step up in the clutch. Not to mention, the guy is only 27 years old so that's great news for the Patriots as he could be there in New England until the day Tom Brady decides to hang up his cleats for good. I like the move and see several positives coming from it, one of which is (hopefully) a super bowl.

Wes Welker? Gone. Danny Amendola? Welcome to New England. But the Patriots shouldn't stop there. Since Josh Cribbs chose Arizona, now's the time to re-sign Julian Edelman. He's a very skilled returner who will make a difference this upcoming season. Also their secondary is a mess at the moment. The departure of Patrick Chung to Philadelphia frees up some opportunities within the Pats' system for a safety to take his spot. But the real need is for a versatile corner back. Re-signing Aqib Talib would be awesome but if not, there are many great options out there. Names like Sean Smith and Nnamdi Asomugha shouldn't be ignored if they can't re-sign Talib.

Overall it's been an uneventful couple of days of free agency for the Patriots. With the exception of the Amendola signing, New England has actually seen more negatives than positives. Look for that however, to change very soon, and for the better.

Raj Vaidya

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