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Vollmer Out, Sopoaga In

For a Tuesday, quite a bit happened today in the world of the New England Patriots.  For starters, Sebastian Vollmer was placed on IR, as expected, following a break to one of the bones in his leg.  It's yet another blow to the team, after losing Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo for the season.  If there's any silver lining to the situation, it's only that the season-ending injury happened on the offensive side of the ball instead of the already-depleted defensive side.  Still, with the O-line looking shaky at times the past few weeks, losing their starting right tackle isn't going to inspire much confidence.

Flipping to the positive side, the Patriots were able to culminate a deadline deal with the Eagles for defensive tackle, Isaac Sopoaga.  Given the huge whole in the middle of the defense in the wake of Wilfork's absence and the relatively low price tag of a 2014 5th and 6th rounder, this deal was a no-brainer for the Patriots.  Chris Jones and Joe Vellano have filled in admirably for Wilfork and Kelly the past few weeks, but neither was particularly adept at stuffing the run.  Sopoago should be able to plug that hole with his 6'2'', 330 lb. frame.  If nothing else, he easily catapults himself to the front of the line when it comes to the best hair on the team.  

Finally, given Tom Brady's rough season, I feel the need to do some preventative work on his part and stop all the haters in their tracks when it comes to his Halloween costume.  You see, I'm sure that the millions of nitwit Jets fans out there are getting ready to pile on the guy for dressing up in a fuzzy lion costume.  And you know what? I would almost say their mockery is valid.  It is a goofy costume not befitting of a franchise player and hall of fame quaterback.  But before you mock, take note of one detail…

Who are his lips attached to?  

Yeah, suddenly, that costume doesn't seem so lame after all.  

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