Wes Welker – “One Game at a Time”

Here at Foxboro Blog, we believe two things:  That Bill Belichick is a genius, and that Rex Ryan is a loud-mouthed tub of lard.  So needless to say, I took great pleasure in reading what Wes Welker wrote when he signed the ESPN Training Camp Tour Bus.  Earlier in the week, Rex Ryan had controversially added the line “soon to be champs” to his signature over the Jets logo on the bus.  When ESPN stopped by Gillette on Friday, Welker, seeing Ryan’s addendum, decided to come up with one of his own: “One Game at a Time!”.
That, my friends, is exactly why I’m proud to be a Patriots fan.  It’s never been about the trash-talk, the self-promotion, or “crowning” yourself.  It’s alwys been about the team.  It’s been about hard work.  It’s been about “one game at a time”.  The Patriots got a bit away from that last season, and it showed.  Too many players got caught up in the drama of their contract, their spot on the depth chart, and their relationship with Bill Belichick.  In the end, it culminated in an embarrassing home playoff loss to Baltimore. If anything was accomplished this past off-season, it was that those cancers were removed from the locker room.  Now, in their place stands a fresh crew of Patriots ready for their slice of humble pie.
So let Ryan talk.  It’s his specialty.  After all, the only thing he seems to be better at than talking is eating.  The Patriots, on the other hand, will follow Welker’s lead and do what they do best:  Take it one game at a time, and win.
Derek Hanson

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