Wes Who?

We've spent an entire summer heaving over and over about how fragile Danny Amendola is.  We've heard ad nauseum that there was no way he could possibly hope to replace Wes Welker. 

In sixty minutes, Danny Amendola silenced all those drive-time football "experts" once and for all. 

There wasn't too much to get excited about from today's lackluster game in Buffalo, but Amendola's performance was certainly one that will go down in Patriots' lore.  If you had changed the zero on a jersey to a three, everyone would have assumed it was Wes Welker hauling in those clutch passes from Tom Brady in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter.  Ten catches, 104 yards, and nine first downs later, there's not a member of Patriots' nation who is left doubting whether Amendola is capable of filling Welker's shoes.  And if the stats and the gutsiness displayed weren't enough, Danny managed to fake us all out by pulling up limp with a groin injury late in the 2nd quarter.  With countless "I told you so's" raining down, it was Amendola who ended the day by letting his play do all the talking. 

Certainly one game can't begin to compare to what Wes Welker meant to the Patriots during his six seasons with the team.  The man was the definition of dependability and no Patriot has caught more passes than he has.  However, after all the negativity that's been thrown upon the newcomer this off-season, Danny Amendola came out and was just as dependable as Welker, just as clutch, and displayed as much heart as Wes Welker ever has. 

Yes, it was only one game.  But during this one game, I didn't miss Wes Welker one bit.  I may as well have been staring right at him. 

Derek Hanson

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